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domingo, fevereiro 27, 2005

Progresso rápido nas desigualdades de acesso ás comunicações ?

As some 1,700 international experts gathered in Geneva to prepare for the UN's World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the World Bank said in a report that telecommunications services to poor countries were growing at an explosive rate. "The digital divide is rapidly closing," the report said. "People in the developing world are getting more access at an incredible rate - far faster than they got access to new technologies in the past." Half the world's population now enjoys access to a fixed-line telephone, the report said, and 77 percent to a mobile network - surpassing a WSIS campaign goal that calls for 50 percent access by 2015. The report said there were 59 million fixed-line or mobile phones in Africa in 2002 - contradicting Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade's claim at a UN news conference last year that there were more telephones in Manhattan than in all of Africa. "Unless New Yorkers and their commuter friends have 12 phones each, Africa now has many more telephones than Manhattan," the World Bank report said.

World Bank


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