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terça-feira, abril 05, 2005

Comunidade de programadores cresce á volta do Skype

Since the company began licensing or giving away its proprietary source code late last year, an estimated 1,000 programmers have jumped on the bandwagon, creating dozens of free and commercial products for the service. Developers get the source code by promising to either give their products away for free or provide Skype a share of the profits.
"Skype prioritized freely offering the (source code) to expand the potential of Skype and inspire great developers worldwide," Skype spokeswoman Kelly Larabee said. "We will extend and formalize our software developer programs with time."
Building a viable developer community is considered a key step in the evolution of software dynasties. A few years ago, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer drilled the concept into the heads of Microsoft employees, bounding up and down onstage at a company event bellowing, "Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!" The now-famous scene became the butt of jokes when the tirade made the rounds in an online video, but the truth behind the message has never been disputed.
Skype's developer program has seen some limited success so far. In the vanguard are relative unknown companies such as VOIPail, Connectotel and Meinskype, offering free Skype voice mail, SMS and ring tones, respectively.

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