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sexta-feira, maio 27, 2005

Philip Stephens: We must be careful about nostalgia

It is no surprise that the present generation of European leaders feels the strains particularly acutely. For the second half of the last century the continent's peace and prosperity were built on two bargains: one swapped the nationalism that had brought two world wars for a project of political integration; the other married efficient economics to social cohesion. Both of these must now be remade (not, I stress, abandoned) to fit the new geopolitical and economic landscapes.

Instead of poring over new designs, though, we listen to the cries of pain, anguished echoes of a fatalism that says Europe - indeed the west - can flourish only if it defends the boundaries of yesterday's world. The truth, of course, is the reverse. When we understand that, we may begin again to feel secure.



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