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quinta-feira, junho 23, 2005

Editorial Wiki

The plan for its editorial wiki was to explore a new form of opinion journalism, but the editors admitted it could end up as "an embarrassment".

The idea, which commentators have called "bold", was the brainchild of Michael Newman, deputy editor of the editorial page.

In Friday's edition, the paper said, in theory, a wikitorial would be "a constantly evolving collaboration among readers in a communal search for truth."

The editors planned to have the original published piece sit alongside the finished, collectively re-edited version.

Almost 1,000 people registered to take part in re-writing the paper's editorial, War and Consequences, on Friday.

Participants added internet links to various words in the editorial, while others proposed alternative views on the subject.

One split the editorial in half, which was welcomed by the editors. But they decided to end the trial early on Sunday after explicit photos were posted to the page.

Monitoring editors struggled to keep up with the influx of material that overwhelmed the site.

The unusual experiment was overseen by editors, as well as Wikipedia founder Jim Wales.

Wikis could be brought back to the website with a limited group of contributors or with a Times employee reviewing changes before they could be displayed, said the paper.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Paper's 'wikitorial' trial halted


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