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segunda-feira, junho 27, 2005

Patent ambush'

The European Commission is trying to establish whether Rambus is guilty of setting a so-called “patent ambush” a form of competition abuse that is raising concerns on both sides of the Atlantic. It involves a company that takes part in setting an industry standard without declaring that the new standard infringes on its patents.

Once the standard is agreed, the company can then demand royalties from other groups which have no choice but to follow the industry standard.

The Commission probe against Rambus was revealed in recent company filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and was confirmed by a spokesman for the EU regulator.

“The European Commission is investigating allegations of patent ambush by Rambus in the memory chip sector,” the spokesman said. According to the SEC filings, the probe was launched in 2003.

FT.com / Companies / IT - Brussels probes Rambus for ‘patent ambush'


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