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domingo, junho 05, 2005

Search, alongside broadband, is a booming market at the moment.


France - 81% of net users use search engine
UK - 80%
US - 79%
Spain - 77%
Italy - 74%
Germany - 74%
Switzerland - 73%
Sweden - 64%
Source - Nielsen/NetRatings

The number of people using search engines is growing faster than the number of people coming online, according to net measurement firm Nielsen/NetRatings.

Search in Europe has grown by 11%, from 79m users in 2004 to 88m in 2005.

By comparison, the number of new net users has grown by just 4%, up from 110m to 115m over the same time period.

France tops the polls when it comes to searching, with 81% of its online population using a search engine. Britain comes second with 80% and Sweden, at 64%, comes a surprising last out of the eight countries surveyed by Nielsen/NetRatings.

In France the second most popular search engine was Voila and local language services did well in all the non-English speaking nations.

BBC NEWS | Technology | The future of search looks bright


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