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segunda-feira, março 20, 2006

How the City of London came to power

"A benign tax regime and a prosperous economy means that it makes sense for the financial elites to live and work here for the moment. But the same work could be done anywhere that has a broadband connection. The country through which the financial elites travel at the end of a working day has, to them, many of the qualities of a foreign one. They use, after all, few of that country’s public services.

This new financial elite is the true heir to the imperial legacy. But its forms of power, being so anonymous, differ from the expatriate supremacy once visibly enjoyed by 19th-century district commissioners who served the British national project of their time.

The beautifully suited and well­-spoken agents of City finance embody, by contrast, the 18th-century attitudes of a guiltless lust and a self-serving preparedness to stand aside from the national cause and to go wherever the money leads them."

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