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domingo, maio 31, 2009

Google Waves Goodbye to E - Webmonkey

<cite>Google Waves Goodbye to E - Webmonkey</cite>: "
It's a peculiar model we haven't seen before, sort of a 'chat inside e-mail' approach that has the potential to profoundly alter the way we share information and collaborate with one another.There are few effective ways to communicate within small groups, whether co-workers, friends, or family. Most of us use e-mail, just addressing a new message to a bunch of people. This starts a thread, which eventually gets twisted and fragmented into side conversations and becomes more and more confusing. The more-organized among us use tools like IM or IRC chat rooms, wikis, group blogs or web apps built for threaded communications, such as FriendFeed.Google Wave is an attempt to replace not one but all of these methods, rolling threaded conversations, real-time chat, nested comments, media sharing, link sharing and wiki-style collaboration into a familiar interface that looks and behaves like an e-mail inbox, complete with folders for keeping things organized and a search box for digging up older threads.


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